Community Engagement

Considering Rockwood RV Resort Inc. (RRR) is new to the community, our team will endeavor to address all inquiries.  The owners of RRR would like to demonstrate our commitment to the community; we share the same values! 

Ultimately, we desire a guest experience that is safe, fun and respectful. This can only be achieved if RRR establishes a set of Resort policies that are reasonable and enforceable.  As such, this will mutually benefit tenants and the community.


1)      Increased traffic resulting in road deterioration?

Reply: As a business paying taxes to the county, we will ask for periodic grading to maintain the quality of the road.  Also, we will encourage our guests to travel west to pavement.  This will help reduce the impact to the roadways around us.

2)      Dust pollution from traffic?

Reply: RRR is committed to annually providing dust control on the road travelling West, between the Resort and pavement.   Dust control also helps to reduce roadway erosion.

3)      Fire hazard from camp sites?

Reply: All tenants must comply to Alberta Fire Bans as issued.  Also, tenants must comply with Resort policies and keep their fire within an approved fire pit with a cover.

4)      Water use and effect on aquifer?

Reply: Alberta Government controls and restricts the volume of water drawn from the local aquifer.  Our estimated use of potable water is <2 cubes of water annually per RV stall. Initially, potable water will be trucked to site.  Resort policies prohibit potable water for watering lawns, etc.

5)       All-terrain vehicles (ATV)  usage?

Reply: Resort policies prohibit tenants from all use and transiting the Resort property with ATVs.  ATVs are not allowed to be off loaded from a vehicle or trailer on the Resort.

6)      Pets at large?

Reply:  Resort policies require pets to be on leash at all times and infractions will be addressed.  A fully-fenced off-leash area will be provided for tenants use.  Tenants with pets must sign an agreement ensuring tenant acknowledges full responsibility of their (and any guests) pet and assumes liability of it’s actions.

7)      Noise from generators, etc.?

Reply: Resort policies identify quiet times and infractions will be addressed.  Park staff will be present 24 hours.  Policies also prohibit generators with the exception of pre-power installation or the event of power failure. For these periods, times of day and type of generator (<55 dB) will be regulated.